Facilitation and coaching

Prepare your teams for the future of health care through skilfully facilitated strategy sessions, speaker coaching and by helping them to develop as health educators.

You’ll benefit from 15 years of experience providing services to the public and third sectors, tools from social innovation and experts on models of health care delivery. Services include:

  • Strategy days
  • Facilitation skills for clinicians
  • Conference speaker coaching
  • Executive meeting moderation

To discuss how our work can help you please get in touch.

“Rachael’s facilitation style and energy is pretty special. There is something in her ability to connect people in an intimate forum that brings out new possibilities and ways of thinking, doing and being.” (Renée Gardiner, Growing Change)

“In your facilitation training it was so valuable to watch the group learn to do things easily, not the hard way”. (Beth, Disabilities Services Commission)