Yoga and mental wellbeing

Yoga and mental wellbeing

A collection of programmes that use yoga-based movement as the path to understanding our own emotional and mental wellbeing.  We are looking for yoga teachers to join us for upcoming projects.

Our work includes:

Yoga and mental wellbeing with Ruah yoga programmes designed especially for their clients dealing with persistent mental health issues, in collaboration with their mental health workers.  The first post on this action-research project is here.

Gentle Yoga for Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia helps those diagnosed with Fibromyalgia or suffering from chronic pain to move more effortlessly and re-discover wellness within their current physical condition.

Fibro Fundraiser –  our workshop on December 27 supported the link between physical and emotional wellbeing. We donated part proceeds to the Fibromyalgia Support Network, a recently incorporated organisation that receives between five and ten new members each week.   Read more about their work here.

Awareness through movement and perception of workplace stress – a project with social housing organisation, Partenord Habitat.

Pain Week WA – events and information for those suffering from chronic pain in July 2013.

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