Yoga for Pain Part 1 Foundations – self-led home course


Move to soothe your nervous system.

Designed especially for people with persistent pain, your five simple mp3s of 10 to 25 minutes in length give you the critical elements of moving comfortably, effortlessly and mindfully.

You will learn how to modify tension in the body, use the breath to develop mindfulness, and body awareness to provide movement options you never knew you had. These skills will help you avoid habits that are making their pain worse, have more energy throughout the day, and increase your skill for moving your body.

Combined with a 25-page course manual with background on yoga theory and how to practice yoga when you experience persistent pain, you have a beautiful introduction to yoga, and using your body after an experience of persistent pain.

“The Yoga for Pain meditations are my go-to medicine for migraine management. Rather than meds my kids know to roll out the yoga mat” (Simone, Melbourne)

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