Yoga for Pain Part 1 – online foundations


Get started at home with Yoga for Pain online.  Learn yoga techniques to help you be more comfortable in your body, and soothe your nervous system through mindful movement. Foundations includes four audio lessons 10 to 25 minutes in length and a 25-page course manual.

“The Yoga for Pain meditations are my go-to medicine for migraine management. Rather than meds my kids know to roll out the yoga mat” (Simone, Melbourne)

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Learn to practice yoga breathing and movement techniques to help you be more comfortable, and to move in a way that also soothes your nervous system.

Enjoy four, simple audio lessons 10 to 25 minutes in length. On their own they are relaxing, grounding guided meditations. Combined they form the fundamentals for moving comfortably, effortlessly and mindfully.

All you need is a quiet room and a place to lie down.  Supported by a 25-page course manual with background on yoga theory and how to practice yoga when you experience persistent pain, you will receive:
Lesson 1: Exploring tension and relaxation guided meditation
Lesson 2: Breath awareness guided relaxation
Lesson 3: Cultivating body awareness meditation
Lesson 4: Beginning effortless movement meditation
Course workbook Introduction to Yoga for Pain

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