Yoga for Pain Part 1 – Weekly practice


A little yoga, often, will give you results.

Weekly Practice helps you to make yoga a habit, through four gentle but comprehensive yoga lessons. Each lesson is designed specifically for people with persistent pain to gradually progress.

Complete Foundations first.

Weekly practice:
– Gives you greater understanding of yoga
– Helps you better understand your mobility and strength
– Is all audio (not video) so you can better build your sense of body awareness and proprioception you may have lost with pain (video makes us copy the teacher, which may not be the way your body should move)

In each lesson:

  • Audio introduction with the lesson’s key theme
  • Workbook with lesson plan, suggestions to adapt the movement to you, plus extra hints and tips
  • Introductory and/or closing guided relaxation to explore specific skills needed with long term pain
  • New movement patterns
  • Includes
    The special Finding Yoga Essential Meditation which is fundamental for progressing in yoga with pain
    25% voucher towards your next individual consult, or 10% off a group course

    I am really enjoying the lessons and being able to revisit the different recordings multiple times and in different combinations.  I am always amazed at how I will pick up on different things each time I do it….there is so much in there to learn! (Helen, Perth)

    “I’ve just finished Yoga for Pain Part 1 and I’m smiling and laughing. Initially I was really reluctant to slow down and listen. I thought I was too busy and just wondered “When are we going to do the pose?” But now I realise all the limited ways I’ve been moving and even thinking. Things can be so different! After the five weeks of the course a lot of the pain and negativity has fallen away. I’m moving through the world differently” (Simone, Melbourne 2016)

    Yoga for Pain Online is such a worthwhile programme.  My posture and breathing has changed for the better – I sit at the computer for many hours and find it is easier to sit taller. I’m certainly having less headaches too. (Sarah, WA 2016)

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