Yoga for Pain online

Yoga for Pain – online is based on the 12 week Yoga for Pain program I have been delivering since 2013. When people from all around Australia wrote to ask if it was available in their area I wanted to create something anyone could access, regardless of where they are. 

The course is broken into Yoga for Pain Parts 1, 2 and 3. Part 1 can be done as a purely self-led program, or with the support of an online group environment. Part 2 is done in an online group. Part 3 is available through one-to-one support and will be available online in 2019. All can be done at a pace that suits you.

Yoga for Pain Part 1

Yoga for Pain Part 1 is for anyone with persistent pain and can be done completely on your own at home. You cover the same content as if you were there in person, with guided relaxations, gentle movement lessons and workbook. Everything can be done over and over when you need to unwind and relax, or review and refresh. This self-led course is a really satisfying way to work through the material at home in your own time. Yoga for Pain Part 1 helps you:
– Become aware of habits that may be exacerbating your pain
– Build new habits where you move more effortlessly, on the yoga mat and during your day
– Calm the mind and nervous system through relaxation, meditation and mindful movement

Begin with Foundations followed by Weekly Practice.

Yoga for Pain Part 2

Yoga for Pain Part 2 gets interesting! Gently challenge yourself in both movement and self-reflection. To ensure you have guidance and support, Yoga for Pain Part 2 is offered as an online course that combines weekly Skype support group with a gentle lesson you do at home at a time that suits you. The event schedule has upcoming dates or email me at so I can add you to the mailing list.

Yoga for Pain Part 3

This is currently available through private sessions, which can be done by Skype, Facetime or a platform you prefer. In Part 3 you examine your yoga practice and life beyond pain in more depth. Email for information!