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If you have been waiting for Yoga for Pain Training to come to your area there's a good chance it will be there soon. We've announced training in Brisbane, Canberra...

Mums with fibromyalgia often feel guilty when they can’t do all the domestic and social duties they think they should. Here's how Kristy's yoga practice helped her realise she's actually...

Yoga for Pain helps those with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and persistent pain develop a more positive relationship with their body and themselves, through gentle movement, techniques to calm the nervous system and guided reflection.

We are running Yoga for Pain 1 in Melbourne on April 17.  Because this will form part of the inaugural Yoga for Pain practitioner training it is being offered at half the normal price. These sessions are a unique opportunity to practice yoga alongside the teachers and practitioners who would normally care for you and give them your feedback about your experience.

Details below.

An appropriate yoga class and teacher can help you manage chronic pain by teaching you to relax, participate in exercise, and increase body awareness. But many with pain find...

Yoga Fibromyalgia and Music - Jill's storyJill had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia after a series of stressful events.  She saw an opportunity to make big changes in her life, to focus on her wellbeing and pursue a new career as a marriage celebrant. Inspired by a Finding Yoga video about yoga for Fibromyalgia, Jill wanted to add yoga to her multi-disciplinary approach to wellness to help her exercise without pain, get fit and support her journey into new territory.
How to travel with FibromyalgiaIt’s coming up to summer holidays, which for many people is a chance to get away, to camp, see friends or explore the world.  For people experiencing Fibromyalgia merely the thought of a long car ride or plane flight will trigger the worry alarm, but it is possible to learn to travel comfortably and visit far away places that enrich your life. Here are some suggestions for preparing your body and your mindset, whether it's a long weekend in wine country, a European sojourn or a long hike in China.

Yoga for Pain helped Christiana with hypermobility and Fibromyalgia, by helping her to find stability in her joints and the strength to do the things that are meaningful to her....

Ellie had been suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 16 months. She found restorative yoga beneficial but wanted to continue to develop her practice to build strength, refine her technique, and establish a practice that suited her body.
Yoga for Pain classes PerthGentle Yoga is designed especially for those suffering from Fibromyalgia and persistent pain.  Many pain sufferers come to Gentle Yoga because general classes in the community, even beginners classes, are just too intense.  Gentle Yoga allows them to practice at their own level, gradually building strength, flexibility and body awareness.   As they build a new relationship with the way they use their bodies, students find a new relationship with their pain.
"I am very glad to have been recommended to Finding Yoga by my physiotherapist.  Thank you for a terrific introduction to yoga. I have enjoyed the Tuesday class and look forward to being part of the group next year. Gentle yoga has become an important part of my overall approach to pain management" (Felicity Bodycoat, 2012)

We celebrated eighteen months of Gentle Yoga for Fibromyalgia with a fundraiser event - an afternoon of gentle movement and relaxation, with part of the proceeds going to WA's Fibromyalgia...

Thank you so much to everyone for the great feedback on the chapters you've read so far of What My Body Wants. Part Two is now available on the Free Resources...

A few days ago I met a doctor who had trained not only in Western medicine but in Ayurveda as well.   We talked about the beauty of Western medicine...