Yoga for Pain Practitioner Training

Yoga offers a holistic form of caring for the 1 in 5 Australians who experience persistent pain.

Many health practitioners are now realising the positive effects, backed up by research, and are increasingly referring their patients to pain-sensitive yoga classes to get them off to the best start. Taught well, yoga can incorporate existing best-practice interventions, and progress practitioners beyond alleviating the symptoms of pain into participating meaningfully in life.

Join Yoga for Pain Practitioner Training to develop your understanding of how to successfully work with this growing client group, the tools for developing your own Yoga for Pain program, and the method of inquiry that will allow you to grow your practice as your clients grow.

Open to yoga teachers and health practitioners.

$465 full price
Max 15 in each course

As well as the 2.5 day contact time, you receive pre-reading, feedback on a series of artefacts submitted after the course to demonstrate your learning, and invitations to the bi-monthly Yoga for Pain Practitioner Skype conference call to share learnings with and from other practitioners around Australia.

Register your interest for the next course here or for the special regional rate of $165 (available to a yoga teacher from a country area who is not currently affiliated with a health care clinic) here.

Attending a Yoga for Pain workshop or course before or after the training is encouraged.

Benefits for yoga teachers

Understand the science of how pain works, build networks with health care providers, and begin to build your own Yoga for Pain course. When you complete the course you will:

  • be better equipped to cater for people with pain in your general yoga classes or in one-to-ones
  • have the tools to begin to develop your own Yoga for Pain course
  • understand the language and needs of health practitioners to build a referral system
  • be eligible to apply for listing on the pain-sensitive yoga teacher register
  • have the basics of inquiry for developing new programs as you learn more about pain, as your practice grows and as your clients progress.

Outcomes for health practitioners

You’ll learn that yoga isn’t just a physical movement class but has many forms that can be tailored to the individual.  Understand the different styles of yoga; and hear about research into how yoga can help with the biopsychosocial aspects of persistent pain.  The course will help you to:

  • Recommend the best yoga class for your patients
  • Develop relaxation and movement techniques that compliment your clinical practice and prepare your clients for general yoga classes
  • Work in collaboration with a trusted yoga teacher on a Yoga for Pain course to suit your client base
  • Build body and self-awareness that will help with your own self-care, your capacity to interact with challenging clients and challenge you to grow your offering as a practitioner.

What previous participants say

“The best professional development course I have experienced in a long time. It was so well prepared, full of up to date information, interactive, challenging and stimulating.”
(Kate Morris Alexander Education, Melbourne)

“I learnt how to integrate yoga and neuroscience in a non-threatening and balanced way.  I feel that translating these skills to the classroom will be beneficial on many levels for clients experiencing persistent pain.”
(Alana Brass, physiotherapist, Canberra)

The Yoga for Pain Practioner Training confirmed for me that yoga does work for pain. We looked at reseach that showed significant improvements in many health outcomes such as reduced pain, improved pain coping skills and quality of life. I reflected on the experience of delivering yoga classes for clients with long term health conditions, including chronic pain and the benefits they reported.
(Maree Chambers, community nurse and yoga teacher, Melbourne)

“One of the most valuable things for me was understanding the importance of inquiry and setting outcome goals to provide focus and direction, as well as a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction for myself and my clients.”
(Jane Leslie, physiotherapist at Wisdom Physiotherapy and Yoga for Arthritis teacher, Perth)


Apply for the next course here.

November 2015 – PERTH (FULL)
Thursday November 19 5.30 – 8.30pm (Workspace, Swanbourne – opposite Swanbourne Train Station)

Friday November 20 10am – 4.30pm (Beautiful East Fremantle Tennis Club)
Saturday November 21 10am – 4.30pm (Workspace, Swanbourne – opposite Swanbourne Train Station)

August 2015 – MELBOURNE (FULL)
Thursday August 13 5.30 – 8.30pm

Friday August 14 10am – 4.30pm
Saturday August 15 10am – 4.30pm

April 2015 (FULL)
Thursday April 16 5.30 – 8.30pm
Friday April 17 10am – 4.30pm
Saturday April 18 10am – 4.30pm

About the course

Based on learnings from Finding Yoga’s successful Yoga for Pain program, running in WA since 2011.  Elements you’ll cover:

  • Pain science, and mainstream interventions for pain
  • Teaching principles, lesson planning and course design
  • Working in multi-disciplinary teams

There’s also pre-reading, homework and followup assignments plus a chance to participate in a Yoga for Pain class alongside people with persistent pain. Course outline here.

Course facilitators

This 2.5-day course is facilitated by Rachael West, director of Finding Yoga, who has been running a 12-week Yoga for Pain program in Perth. Nicole Moore, a highly experienced physiotherapist who has introduced mindful movement into her clinical work at The Royal Melbourne Hospital pain unit, joins us by Skype to explain how pain works. Nicole is also evaluating the course as part of her masters research.

Melbourne – Royal Melbourne Hospital Parkville
Perth – Curtin University Bentley (Thurs & Sat) and the beautiful East Freo Tennis Club (Friday)

Please get in touch for more information or apply to attend here.