Yoga for Pain with Rachael

Yoga for Pain with Rachael

Yoga for Pain is open to anyone who experiences persistent pain, even those with no experience in yoga. Though an online course you can do at home, a virtual group program, or tailored one-to-ones Rachael will help you navigate persistent pain – whether that means coming to terms with your diagnosis, reducing symptoms, maintaining function or finding direction.

Researched and developed over five years, Yoga for Pain is far more than gentle yoga.

Who is Yoga for Pain with Rachael for?

Yoga for Pain with Rachael is for anyone who experiences fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, back pain, arthritis or another form of persistent pain. If will suit you if you wish to take an active role in your own pain care; would like to begin yoga (or enjoy it like you used to); or want to find direction after a time of feeling your body can’t do what you wished it would.

Private consultations

Individual consults allow Yoga for Pain to be completely tailored to you. Home visits and Skype sessions are available. Most people only need 2-3 appointments. Read more about private consults here or call 0450 393 336 to discuss.

Self-led courses

Yoga for Pain Part 1 is now available as a self-led course. An affordable way to learn to move effortlessly, turn down your pain, and explore what yoga can be. Purchase Yoga for Pain Part 1 in the store.

Group program

The specially designed 12-week Yoga for Pain program is created to help you move with comfort, change your response to stress, participate in activities you love, and find your direction. Researched over five years, this course equips you to confidently choose a yoga class in your community, or to continue with home practice under a teacher of your choice. You are gently challenged to examine habits that may be exacerbating your pain in daily life – and to find the courage and patience to build new ones.

The full 12-week Yoga for Pain program runs once per year as an online group course so you can do it from wherever you are.

Interested in Yoga for Pain Practitioner Training?

Demand for Yoga for Pain led to the formation of social enterprise Yoga for Pain Care Australia . Yoga for Pain Care Australia offers a range of training opportunities for health professionals and yoga teachers to make the next step after health care, easy.

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