Yoga for Mental Health Recovery

Yoga for Mental Health Recovery

About the program

Yoga for Mental Health Recovery is available to organisations supporting people taking a recovery approach to mental illness.

This 12-minute podcast describes how we used yoga as education for mental health recovery in a pilot project with Ruah, a social services provider in Perth, Western Australia.

Benefits of tailored yoga during mental health recovery

Arriving at your first yoga class usually involves a new space filled with people, and being asked to lie down with your eyes closed. For those with a past experience of trauma, who have limited access to transport, or who lack a safe place at home to roll out a mat, some things we take for granted as part of a yoga class can be a challenge.

Tailored yoga programs are an opportunity for those experiencing more serious mental health distress to feel safe, get the yoga they need, and continue long enough to access its benefits.

Find out more

To book Yoga for Mental Health Recovery at your organisation email or call 0450 393 336.

You can also read more about the project here.

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