A big thank you (and part two is available)

A big thank you (and part two is available)

Thank you so much to everyone for the great feedback on the chapters you’ve read so far of What My Body Wants.

Part Two is now available on the Free Resources page.    This section is about learning to communicate with doctors and get support from friends.

I was so sick for so long and yet I never went to a doctor and just said, ‘Something is wrong. Please help.’  It was also a long time before I really told my friends about how unwell I was.  I figured that everyone else was a bit tired from time-to-time and that I should just get on with things.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people are uncomfortable talking about how they are feeling, when it’s not great.  I’m not an advocate for constant whinging of course (though sometimes it’s necessary and quite cathartic!), but I do believe that friends, family and medical professionals are there for support.

Taking a bit of time to reflect on what you really need and want from them can help you feel more confident within yourself to ask for that care.

For more on that, read Part Two of What My Body Wants.   There’s also some information about the kind of tests a doctor might send you for if you’re run down and tired, as well as a section on the effect of the stress hormone, cortisol, on your body.  Understanding the chemical processes of stress helped me view stress as a tangible thing with real physiological effects on my body, and find ways to work with it.

Happy reading.

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