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Write the story of your life as you walk itResearch is revealing how powerful it can be to alter the story we tell about our lives.  The New York Times cites research that shows how re-writing the narrative of life events can help us confront truths, improve mood disorders and boost memory. At Write The Story of Your Life As You Walk It we combined writing with physical movement to help workshop participants clarify the direction they want to take in wellness, relationships or the workplace.  The result was a new story about the past, a clear vision for the future, and an understanding of the key values that inform their choices. Critically, each walked away with a unique way to map the path as they go (so as to know how to know that they are walking in their right direction) and physical practices to support their journey.

Yoga Fibromyalgia and Music - Jill's storyJill had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia after a series of stressful events.  She saw an opportunity to make big changes in her life, to focus on her wellbeing and pursue a new career as a marriage celebrant. Inspired by a Finding Yoga video about yoga for Fibromyalgia, Jill wanted to add yoga to her multi-disciplinary approach to wellness to help her exercise without pain, get fit and support her journey into new territory.

How to travel with FibromyalgiaIt’s coming up to summer holidays, which for many people is a chance to get away, to camp, see friends or explore the world.  For people experiencing Fibromyalgia merely the thought of a long car ride or plane flight will trigger the worry alarm, but it is possible to learn to travel comfortably and visit far away places that enrich your life. Here are some suggestions for preparing your body and your mindset, whether it's a long weekend in wine country, a European sojourn or a long hike in China.

Write the story of your life as you walk it: yoga and resolutions for a radiant 2015 New year resolution yoga workshopWe know yoga can make us healthier, calmer and even kinder.  But how does your yoga practice support you to become the person you want to be, and to do the things you consider most important? "Write the story of your life as you walk it" is a day out to set new year's resolutions that make your heart resound with joy, and cultivate a yoga practice that supports you on that path. You may be ready to set new goals for your personal health, to begin a new project, or contribute more to your community. This workshop will help you dream big, and then find the next steps to reaching that vision.  To keep you confident in your chosen direction, you'll also develop your own physical or creative practice.

Asking for help when we experience chronic illness is a skill that can take time to learn.  At the first day of Finding Your Feet with Fibromyalgia we discovered that asking for help can be empowering for us, and for those around us. It hasn't always been easy for me to ask for help.  As an illustration, I once chose to move countries by public transport and initially refused my housemate's offer to help me tote 90kg of luggage to my departure point at Kings Cross St Pancras station.  The look on her face made me wonder if I might be making things slightly difficult by trying to do everything myself. I accepted this angel’s help, and that of many others during my next 24 hours negotiating staircases across France, including one woman who heroically dragged my suitcase on as the train chugged out of Paris.