Fibro fundraiser

Fibro fundraiser

We celebrated eighteen months of Gentle Yoga for Fibromyalgia with a fundraiser event – an afternoon of gentle movement and relaxation, with part of the proceeds going to WA’s Fibromyalgia Support Network.

Gentle Yoga is based around the very specific needs of those diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, encouraging a new understanding of the way your body works and how to move more effortlessly.  This fundraiser workshop added in an extra long guided relaxation session (Yoga Nidra) to take bodies and minds into a very deep relaxation space.

Over a cup of tea and cake to finish the session, we talked about experiences with Fibromyalgia and how the relaxation session changed the experience of pain.

We also proudly noted that this first fundraiser had generated a $50 for the Fibromyalgia Support Group that had provided much support to many in the class.

“I feel so relaxed and stretched and ready to face the New Year!! I would encourage everyone to go to her next fundraiser session for the Fibromyalgia Support Network- you get so much out of it personally but then feel great that you are giving to an organisation that helps us so much :)”

“I agree – it was fantastic, thank you so much Rachael, I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt much more relaxed after – I will be joining up in March, thank you.”

“Rachael – you are a gift to the world of yoga – you have such a calming voice and the personal attention was appreciated.  I loved the stretching, but got so much out of the relaxation session (I may have even fallen asleep I was that relaxed! Thank you SOOO much.” (Aw shucks, guys!)

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