Volunteer with Finding Yoga

Volunteer with Finding Yoga

Finding Yoga is looking for a volunteer interested in yoga and rehabilitation to join our pilot project with Thrive Support Group for Carers. Thrive provide much-needed support for carers in the Gosnells area who care for a family member with a disability.  The group has received a small grant to develop a course that provides carers with time out from the demanding role of full time care.

The ideal candidate is an occupational therapist, rehab physiotherapist or similar health care provider (students and recent grads very welcome) interested in finding innovative ways to get services to those on lower incomes.

Main roles:

  • Research the main injuries carers experience in their daily work
  • Work with the program designer to create a 3-hour workshop that incorporates yoga, partner yoga, and rehab skills
  • Work alongside the program designer to deliver a first trial of the workshop to about 15 participants and write up the learnings


  • Knowledge of manual therapy for disability (or capacity to research it)
  • Comfortable teaching groups of people (we can help you build these skills)
  • Able to work to schedule, as part of a team, and to learn through experience

The project runs August – November 2015 and your time involved 20 – 40 hours.

We also welcome applications from those interested in doing this as part of a masters research project or similar.  (This could be a separate role.)

What you will learn

This promises to be an exciting project that bridges tertiary health care with innovative community programs.  You’ll see how social enterprise can help to address some of the social aspects to health, using methods like “action-learning”; prototyping; and how the Yogic Education model can bring together the best of mainstream health care with yoga.

To apply

Email [email protected] with up to 500 words about your interest in the position, addressing the main roles and skills.  For more information phone 0450 393 336.

Applications open until September 25 2015.

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