Free place in WA’s only Yoga program for chronic pain

Free place in WA’s only Yoga program for chronic pain

I’m offering a free place in WA’s only Yoga for Pain program.  It’s all thanks to the generosity of Perth yogis.

Yoga for Pain supports people with persistent pain to enjoy movement, respond effectively to stress,  and to feel more confident about what they want to do in life.

25 of my yoga students attended a Yoga Nidra session and fundraiser and decided to donate the $260 they raised to provide a free place in a Yoga for Pain program to someone who might not otherwise be available to attend.

The program includes two workshops and twelve specialist classes.  In addition, I will donate a private one-to-one session, worth $120.

When pain becomes chronic it can be debilitating. It affects multiple systems of the body, and that can severely reduce the sufferer’s capacity to work and participate in the things they are most passionate about. Yoga for Pain helps people understand their new starting point for wellness, re-develop a connection with their body and examine their relationship with pain.

To apply for the sponsored place, please email [email protected] with brief responses to these two questions:

  1. How would it help you to attend the Yoga for Pain program at no charge?
  2. How would you like to share what you learn in the program with others?


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