Looking back at 2013

Looking back at 2013

Thank you for all your support

Your support over the past year has been incredible. It has allowed us to help a lot of people, particularly those suffering from persistent pain, to find a new relationship with their body and their life.

I’d like to share some of what you have made possible and what we can look forward to in 2014 in the world of yoga, yoga for pain and the place where yoga and western health crossover.

Whether you’ve been a student in my class, a health professional who has referred someone to specialist yoga sessions, or as a colleague in the development of new programs, working with you has been an honour.  Our work would be impossible without your knowledge, participation and insight.

Thank you.

Finding Yoga When You’re in Pain – foundations were built in 2013

In the past twelve months we’ve tested new Yoga for Pain workshops, run a successful prototype for a Fibromyalgia self-management program, and held the first National Pain Week on this side of the country.

With positive and valuable feedback from participants and health professionals I am excited to take Finding Yoga When You’re in Pain more widely in 2014 and to continue the journey working with the likes of the superlative Dr Kaye Kaye Brand, the dedicated Dr John Quintner, and the overflowingly caring Jane Muirhead and Melanie Galbraith.

Here is some of what happened this year:

  • Gentle Yoga for Fibromyalgia ended a term today with some strong and challenging postures, including backbends. Considering the first class is as simple as moving hands and feet, these women are truly inspiring. They have learnt so much about gently building up strength, flexibility and courage. 
  • Yoga for Pain sprang up in the nurturing space of Fremantle Women’s Health Centre. These workshops are small and supportive so that those suffering from pain can explore gentle, effortless movement that is suited to their bodies. We take these north of the river from January.
  • I was very fortunate to work with Dr Kaye Brand – physiotherapist, the founder of the Fibromyalgia Support Network and a woman with decades of dedication towards helping Fibromyalgia sufferers find wellbeing. Our self-education program Finding Your Feet with Fibromyalgia helps people diagnosed with Fibromyalgia to live well with their symptoms and next runs from February 4. 
  • Reaching Out to Women in Pain presented to a full house in Rockingham and will reach women in Joondalup and Kalamunda next year. Thanks to a grant from Dept of Local Govt and Communities and the work of Dr John Quintner and Mel Galbraith, physiotherapist

Yogic Education and mental health

Yogic Education is about the physical, emotional and psychological self-education that can come through a tailored yoga practice.  In our Yoga and mental health program, co-created with Ruah Mental Health Services, sufferers of serious and persistent mental health issues found the skill and confidence to attend yoga classes in the community.  

Yoga can bring benefits to many people, but not all people can access the benefits in a normal yoga class and need a bit of specially designed care.

Vinyasa yoga in 2014

The physicality of vinyasa yoga may seem at odds with my interest in yoga for pain, but there is a link: I am intrigued by our ability to move and use our bodies in a way that lets us fully experience life, and is at the same time graceful and effortless.

The Finding Your Vinyasa workshops over the last year have helped us find that space, with recognition of the inspiration of my teacher, Gérard Arnaud.

More workshops in 2014, including something very special with an acrobatics teacher who helped me learn that it is possible to train towards scary and challenging techniques with safety and the utmost of care.

Join us to celebrate – you’re all invited!

To close out your year, please join us for a special Christmas Eve guided relaxation to help you approach the 25th of December with poise and grace! This is suitable for all bodies and entry is by donation.

Special Christmas Eve Yoga Nidra and Guided Relaxation
Tuesday December 24 9.30am – 10.45am

Sun Salute Yoga, 12 Stirling Road in Claremont
Entry by donation. RSVP required. More information here.
Mats provided but bring cushions and blankets if you’d like to be extra comfortable lying on your back for the relaxation!

You can also gift yoga to someone (or even to yourself).  Please give me a call and we’ll find what’s best for you.

Happy festive season… and beyond

 Christmas image

In the words of one of my most inspiring yoga teachers, Shaney Aalbers:

“Thank you for being my mirror.”
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