How does yoga help you do good in the world?

How does yoga help you do good in the world?

Most people know yoga is good for your body, and can help you think more clearly.  Through a special yoga workshop at a Perth unconference we showed a bunch of young people how yoga can also help them to do more good in the world.

WA not-for-profit Useful Inc wants “every person to be involved in making positive change on something bigger than themselves”.  The theme for their unconference was “What is good?” and they asked us to explore the question through a yoga practice.

On the lawn of the sun-kissed Fremantle Esplanade young people interested in volunteering, social enterprise and doing good in the world practiced relaxation, yoga asana (postures) and meditation.

They discovered yoga does more than just keep them healthy, fit and energised to do meaningful things:

  • Yoga meditation focuses the mind so you can choose the most important things to do
  • Regular practice cultivates the discipline to complete what you set out to do
  • Ethics of yoga help you discern what is truly good
  • Practicing compassion leaves you overflowing with goodness that radiates out to others

The yoga mat is a great place to practice moving in alignment with your personal values. When you find compassion and caring on the mat, it’s easy to do the same when you go out into the world.

Leon Delpech initially set up Big Help Mob and Useful Inc to get a new generation of young people discovering the joy in volunteering, and for great thinkers and doers to share their knowledge about making good things happen.

Speakers at this unconference included Greens Senator Scott Ludlam and founder of Social Innovation in Western Australia Brodie McCulloch in the  line up. We also heard from from Katie Stubley of School for Social Entrepreneurs and magical science educator Renae Sayers warmed up the crowd as emcee.

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