How many carers flew an airplane in 2015? Finding Yoga Annual Report.

How many carers flew an airplane in 2015? Finding Yoga Annual Report.

In 2015, 5 carers soared proudly in airplaneYoga for Carers

in the final week of the Yoga for Carers pilot. Twelve others cheered enthusiastically from the runway; for many, getting up and down off the floor was unimaginable in week 1.



37 health professionals and yoga teachers from Australia and New Zealand

Yoga for Pain Practitioner Training

studied together at Yoga for Pain Practitioner Training. 3 partnerships have formed between health practitioners and yoga teachers.

Many now offer pain-sensitive yoga and movement classes in their area.

1 hospital

was inspired to offer a yoga class tailored to women with pelvic pain after hearing a Finding Yoga lecture.

22 yoga teachers from 4 states

were listed on the new pain-sensitive teacher register. This compliments Yoga for Pain online and the special regional rate for our practitioner training, all helping to make yoga more accessible to people with pain all around Australia.

15 people with pain


practiced yoga alongside “normal” yoga teachers and heath care professionals and were surprised that even the youngest, seemingly fittest among them had stuff going on in their bodies they have to adapt for.

Dozens of people

who were limited in movement have got back into the things they love, and more.


Tried out something in 2016 you’d never thought of doing before – and what will you learn from that?


Wishing you a very happy holidays,
Rachael and the team

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