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Yoga for Pain helps those with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and persistent pain develop a more positive relationship with their body and themselves, through gentle mindful movement, skills for responding to stress, and guided reflection to learn and grow.

Part 1: effortless movement & working with the body

Introduction to Yoga for Pain Workshop Sun Sep 1310.15am – 12.45pm  $105 (Bookings here) or $170 for two (Call 0450 393 336)
Group program Sat Oct 3, 10, 17, 24 3pm – 4.30pm  (Get in touch to book)
Mind Body Heart Studio, 91 Nanson Street, Wembley

Yin 3-2Learn how yoga can help with persistent pain through gentle movement, relaxation and self-understanding. Discover how to avoid the pain flares that often accompany exercise, by learning to move more comfortably, build skills in stress management, and finding confidence for what your body can do, in a nurturing, supportive environment.

We’ll help you work out a practice that you can do at home, so that you can gradually build the mobility and strength to join a general yoga class. Each session is supported by resources to listen to and read at home, and reflection templates to help you capture your progress.


Workshop $105 (Bookings here) or $170 for two (Call 0450 393 336)
4-week group program $280 (Get in touch to contact)
One-to-one consult $140 initial extended consult $95 followups
Or save $100 and book all together $425

Workshop includes includes handouts, mp3 recording to take home & light afternoon tea.

Part 2: perception of self through movement

3pm on Saturdays
Beginning November 2015
Mind Body Heart Studio, Nanson Street, Wembley

Yoga MudraDeepen your understanding of yoga asana (postures) and pranayama (breathing), threaded with an introduction to yogic philosophy. Learn to practice on the yoga mat the way you’d like to be with yourself (and others) in everyday life, and to gently challenge body and mind.

Prices for Part 2 available soon.

Part 3: New beginnings

Begins January 2016

DSC_7109An exciting course for those who have completed Parts 1 and 2, and have maintained a regular practice for at least 6 months. Learn how to challenge yourself, at just the right pace. Put your skill at moving safely and comfortably, into a stronger practice (adapted to your body) and your deepening self-awareness into a greater understanding of what you want from life.

A fabulous transition to take you out of Yoga for Pain and into – yoga.

For more information or to reserve your place please get in touch. Note that refunds are generally not offered as we hold your place for you, so please choose carefully.

“Thank you once again for providing a wonderful time and safe exercise and relaxation.” (Rosemary Spark)

“The most valuable thing for me today was learning to accept what my body is capable of today.” (Ashlin McKenna)

“Excellent for anyone in pain who needs gentle guidance and to learn to accept and not judge their body and their limitations.” (Rebecca, May 2014)