A guided relaxation for you: sitting in the pause

A guided relaxation for you: sitting in the pause

I hope you enjoy this 10-minuted guided relaxation. It was recorded at the end of a gentle yoga class so you should instantly feel the calm space of that class. The theme is being comfortable with pausing – so as to be ready to welcome new ideas and energy at the right time.

Before starting the recording, lie down comfortably, with the spine and neck in a straight line, the body comfortable. Arms are by your side, palms facing upwards, or gently placed on your belly. Use support under your knees and head if you wish. Close the eyes or, if you prefer to keep them open, keep your eyes soft and still.

During Mental Health Week 2015 we’ll share a range of resources and information to show the different ways yoga supports mental wellbeing.

More guided relaxations are available in the Yoga for Pain online course.

  • Jennifer
    Posted at 16:26h, 04 October Reply

    Thank you Rachel for preparing and generously sharing this guided meditation. I’m feeling my her lighter and refreshed for doing it.

  • Lynette
    Posted at 19:41h, 04 October Reply

    Thank you Rachael for sharing this. Having just completed your Yoga for Pain part 1 online I am now appreciating how giving myself permission to take time to listen to your guided meditations really does help my mind and body to let go and relax.

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