Guest lecture with Pain Explained

Guest lecture with Pain Explained


Recently, I was invited to give a guest talk as part of the The Pain Explained Lecture Series.  I shared my journey of moving through Fibromyalgia, running away to the circus and re-discovering my relationship with my body.

The Pain Explained lectures are monthly events, offering pain sufferers, health professionals and the general public new insight into understanding, living with and flourishing in spite of, pain.

My talk, From Fibromyalgia to the Circus: learning what my body wants, takes the audience through my own journey from “The engineer who was so tired she couldn’t get out of bed” to “The engineer who ran away to the circus”.  Through story, guided relaxation and discussion I share:

  • learning how to listen to our own bodies
  • making positive choices about what to put in our body and how to use it
  • how to create moments of stillness that let us re-discover possibility for our life

At the end of the session each person was invited to share one thing they wanted to do today that would feel like they were on their way to wellness.

“I want to spend 20 minutes in the garden.”

“I’m going to put a date in my diary to start that painting I’ve always wanted to paint.  The canvas is just sitting on my wall.”

“I am going to have fun. Whatever I end up doing tonight.”

I could feel a dramatic shift in the room.  I felt there was now a sense of possibility in the manage-ability of their pain.

My talk was not about making enormous life changes.  Just taking small, heartfelt actions that feel good.

One of the pieces of wisdom I share is that while the world often tells us we need to earn more money, take forward steps in our careers, and get fitter and stronger, there is something much more life-giving.  I invite you to try it out – find a pause in your day and take something small, like a date in the diary to paint.   One day, be it weeks, months or even years later, you find a painting in your hallway that is your very own creation.  An artefact of your journey to a new relationship with wellness.

The Pain Explained lecture series is the initiative of John Quintner, Pain Physician, and Jane Muirhead, Occupational Therapist. Visit the Arthritis Foundation of WA website for information on the monthly events.  

A podcast of one of the relaxation exercises I led in the workshop will be available on this site shortly.  Drop me an email or give me a call on 0450 393 336 if you’d like to know more.  And find something wonderful to do for yourself today.   

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