Private consults

My consultations are tailored and personal. They include your preferred mix of yoga and coaching. Individual consultations are open to everyone, whether you have experience with yoga or not: we work with where you are, and what will make the most difference for you, right now.

"Rachael seems to just get it. What was different about Rachael was that she looked at the whole picture. There isn't this idea of the perfect pain patient you're meant to be. Rachael’s approach was: Ok, how can we work with how things are right now? That was so refreshing. If life with pain is a trekking journey, Rachael is like the guide along the way - pointing people in the right direction. You have to do the work, but Rachael clears the way for you to do that - and that's really empowering. (Kerry, fibromyalgia client 2017)
What will a typical session include?

I begin by talking with you about where you want to go. Your aims may be long term, or more immediate. If you are seeing me for persistent pain, we would then move into very gentle movement, guided relaxation, and time to talk about what’s going on for you. Those without persistent pain may see me for more specific yoga instruction, or coaching. You will be offered a home practice to take away with you and small steps you want to make towards your aspirations for work and life.

To find someone who knows and understands pain and can teach you ways to be compassionate of yourself is a gift. The time in a one-to-one is like a sanctuary. I feel able to share my goals and fears, generally and in relation to pain and movement. (Genessa, CRPS 2014)
I’ve started a morning routine which begins with a quiet place to prepare for the day. It puts me in a better mood and I feel calmer. (Howard, fibromyalgia 2015)
How many appointments will I need?

Most people with persistent pain have three appointments, and sometimes one is enough to help you learn how to avoid making your pain worse, easy techniques to calm your nervous system, and how to approach activities you are presently unable to due to pain.

I have pain: What benefits can I expect?

As a result of Yoga for Pain have returned to photography, camping, sport and other activities they had felt were out of reach due to pain or fatigue. Others learn to live an ordinary day – breastfeeding, washing clothes, and having a cup of tea – without making pain worse; then with satisfaction; finally with pleasure and enjoyment. Almost everyone says they learn to reduce pain. Others say they feel acceptance rather than a fight, a shift of focus from pain to themselves as a human being, and being more at ease with people they care about.

I have pain: How do I know it will work?

Yoga for Pain is a distinct approach tailored to your needs. We start by addressing the most common issues faced by people with pain, as they present individually for you, such as habits and beliefs that make your pain worse. You practice ways to respond to pain symptoms. These same principles, with a little tweak, then allow you to approach any new activity that feels beyond your current limitations.

Like most things, results are based on you doing it. You don’t need hours every day, but regularity is important.

How do I start?

Consults are available in person (Melbourne) or virtually by Skype and Zoom. You may be surprised how effective virtual consults are!

What will be included in my package?

From 10 years of working with people with pain I’ve put together a package which is gently structured, based on what I have seen works.

    1. Reflective diagnostic form to complete prior to meeting. This helps me help you, and helps you to reflect on where you have been, where you are now and where you wish to go.
    2. I can talk with your health care professional prior to our appointment. This helps me to understand what they have worked on with you and what you have been told. You simply organise with your preferred professional to call me.
    3. 1.5-hour extended first session, where we discuss your diagnostic and what you want for our work together, practice gentle movement and modifications to breathing exercises specifically for people with pain.
    4. A tailored home practice plan that suits your schedule and physical capacity. This can save you money on classes, while helping you build the good habits you want.
    5. Post-consult email to see if you have any questions, and to offer reference materials as appropriate. This could be something to read, a recording, or something I have discovered that I think you would enjoy.
    6. 0.5-hour follow-up by phone or Zoom
    7. Complimentary copy of Yoga for Pain Foundations



Yoga for Pain package described above $225

Follow-ups (1 hour) $125 and include resources as suited to your situation

**If you need a subsidised rate because of your situation, please don’t hesitate to call to discuss your needs. For inquiries about health fund rebates for yoga please speak to your provider.

To book an appointment or ask questions please phone me on 0450 393 336 or email [email protected]

Rachael's ability to put me at ease, ask very focused questions, listen intently and shine a light on what is most important to me has helped me clarify what otherwise remains a jumble of ideas. Her lively, reflective and insightful mind as well as her kind nature and breadth of experience enable her to consistently balance encouragement and challenge. Rachael is an excellent coach and role model for those of us seeking to learn and grow. (Dan, 2018)