The questions that inform Yoga for Pain

The questions that inform Yoga for Pain

When I am invited to speak about Yoga for Pain at universities and hospitals, clinicians usually ask me to explain the science.

This year, for the national Social Impact Festival I got to share a perspective that I find even more interesting because it informs everything that has happened since Yoga for Pain was the seed of an idea.

What is Yoga for Pain’s informing question?

This 10-minute podcast walks you through the time from 2010 when Yoga for Pain was a seed of an idea, to the formation of Yoga for Pain Care Australia as a vehicle for reaching more people with, or at risk of, persistent pain. The recording comes from a workshop I assisted Dr Will Varey with, called “4 Orientations to Social Benefit”.

You’ll hear:

  • What I observed in yoga and pain management fields at that time
  • The question I asked in order to make Yoga for Pain of service to more people
  • Why we had to do better than help people manage pain
  • How apithology’s 4 orientations (see source article below) inform a field of practice that could have enduring value

The reference for the source paper is Varey, W. (2008) Aspects of Apithology: Orientations in the Four Potentials of Health. Aspects of Apithology: The Journal of Apithological Practice. 1(2), 1-7. Read the abstract here.

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