What My Body Wants: my journey from Fibromyalgia to the circus
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Slide3What My Body Wants is my story of moving from the fatigue and pain of Fibromyalgia to full time circus school.  It will give you some insight into why I do what I do. It’s written for people suffering from chronic fatigue and it’s also written for you if you are feeling a little run down, as if the sparkle from life is fading or like you need to change something but don’t know quite what.

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Meditation – for people who don’t meditate: e-book

Like totally Zen - coverMeditation, for people who don’t meditate.

Like (totally) Zen is a light-hearted easy-to-read e-book guide to introducing meditation into your life, when you really don’t have time to meditate.

“It’s a fantastic little resource”. (Kerry)

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Guided relaxations for bodies in pain

Guided relaxation imageThree guided relaxations designed to help those with bodies experiencing persistent pain to relax, and useful for anyone to cultivate gentleness and body awareness.  In mp3 format so you can listen anywhere.
1. Breath awareness 5 minutes
2. Exploring tension and relaxation 25 minutes
3. Cultivating whole body awareness 11 minutes

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