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A regular yoga practice can help you start to get your life back.

Intro to pain care yoga: 4 week group course

Perth: starts November 14 2018 (full)
Melbourne: starts February 2019 (email [email protected] to register interest)

Yoga for Pain Part 1: online group course

Yoga for Pain Part 1 (online group) is for people with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and other forms of persistent pain who can’t make a class in person due to location, capacity or a busy schedule.

Each week you receive a gentle yoga lesson to complete at your leisure. You’ll learn how to move well when you have pain, and work through barriers you have to participating in the activities you want to do.

At a weekly facilitated Skype catchup you have time to discuss your progress and challenges.

Suitable for complete beginners as well as those with previous experience of yoga who find general classes are no longer as beneficial as you think they could be. Bookings and more information in the link, or email [email protected]

5-week course starts November 19 2018
Virtual meetups 5.45-7.15pm AEST

Yoga for Pain Part 2 (online group course)

The online course is a satisfying way to work through the material of Yoga for Pain Part 2 at home in your own time. As well as a full yoga class to do at home each week, you are supported through an online discussion with a small group of people around Australia.

In Part 2 you’ll try a more physical practice, and look at how you relate emotionally to pain.  Learn yoga-based ways to improve your relationship with pain, yourself and the people you love.

Course includes handouts, mp3 recordings and emails between classes with extra information. Book below or call 0450 393 336 or email [email protected] for information.

Open to all who have completed Yoga for Pain Part 1, either online or in person, or completed requirements of Part 1 through one-to-ones.

4-week course starts January 2019


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