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Yoga for Pain helps those with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and persistent pain develop a more positive relationship with their body and themselves, through gentle movement, techniques to calm the nervous system and guided reflection.

We are running a Yoga for Pain 1 introductory workshop in Melbourne on April 17.  It is for people experiencing any kind of persistent pain. Because this workshop coincides with Yoga for Pain Practitioner Training it is being offered at half the normal price. These sessions are a unique opportunity to practice yoga alongside the teachers and practitioners who would normally care for you and give them your feedback about your experience.

I run a Yoga for Pain program for people with persistent pain.  Today I was inspired by the progress the current group have made in their understanding of their bodies and themselves. 16 weeks into their yoga experience they attempted - and many performed - crow pose, a challenging arm balance. To give you an idea of just how impressive this is, in lesson one of Yoga for Pain they moved only hands and feet because anything more would exacerbate their pain. What makes this kind of progress possible?

John was experiencing pain in a number of postures in his Bikram Yoga class and wanted to know what was and wasn’t suitable for an ongoing problem in his back.  He had been seeing a musculoskeletal physiotherapist for persistent back pain that he attributed to twenty years of high-level sport and physical work.  John’s physiotherapist considered that John could benefit from an outside perspective on his yoga practice so that he could practice safely and in the most beneficial way for his body.