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Write the story of your life as you walk itResearch is revealing how powerful it can be to alter the story we tell about our lives.  The New York Times cites research that shows how re-writing the narrative of life events can help us confront truths, improve mood disorders and boost memory. At Write The Story of Your Life As You Walk It we combined writing with physical movement to help workshop participants clarify the direction they want to take in wellness, relationships or the workplace.  The result was a new story about the past, a clear vision for the future, and an understanding of the key values that inform their choices. Critically, each walked away with a unique way to map the path as they go (so as to know how to know that they are walking in their right direction) and physical practices to support their journey.

Write the story of your life as you walk it: yoga and resolutions for a radiant 2015 New year resolution yoga workshopWe know yoga can make us healthier, calmer and even kinder.  But how does your yoga practice support you to become the person you want to be, and to do the things you consider most important? "Write the story of your life as you walk it" is a day out to set new year's resolutions that make your heart resound with joy, and cultivate a yoga practice that supports you on that path. You may be ready to set new goals for your personal health, to begin a new project, or contribute more to your community. This workshop will help you dream big, and then find the next steps to reaching that vision.  To keep you confident in your chosen direction, you'll also develop your own physical or creative practice.

Yogic Education definitionThe University of Lille, France, offers the only University Diploma in Yogic Education in the world.  Rachael completed her studies in 2011 and this model for integrative, self-directed health care now allows us to help those experiencing persistent pain to uncover wellness in all areas of their life. Wellness is more than the absence of physical discomfort