Tailored yoga programs

Finding Yoga partners with organisations and individuals to design and run yoga-based health care programs. Our programs are exquisitely designed and carefully researched, for excellent results.

While we of course work to promote individual health and mental wellbeing, we are particularly interested in using our skills to develop community connection as well. Many of our programs are a bit like support group, personal exercise program and philosophical education in one, with longer term social impact built in.

Past clients include Ruah, Thrive Support Group for Carers, Useful Inc and the Fibromyalgia Support Network.

As an idea of how some of these programs can scale: the 12-week Yoga for Pain program we developed forms the basis of work now done by Yoga for Pain Care Australia. This mission-based programs supports health professionals and yoga teachers to use yoga within pain care.

To discuss how we can create a program for you and your clients or staff please email [email protected]

For a flavour of existing programs for yourself or your organisations, here are some examples:

Yoga for Pain

People with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and persistent pain are referred for private consultations or the three-month program. Online options are available for those unable to leave home or access a course in person. Read about your choices here.

Yoga for Carers

We work with carer support organisations to offer this specialist program that helps people who care for a loved one with a disability. By improving their own health they can be a better carer.  Watch the video to see how we did it.

Yoga for Mental Health Recovery

This six-week program helps adults recovering from mental health issues develop confidence, treat anxiety and build a commitment to regular, healthy activity.  Listen to the podcast to learn more about this program.