Feedback on individual consults

To find someone else who knows and understands pain and can teach you ways to be compassionate and non expectant of yourself is a gift.

The time in a one-to-one session is like a sanctuary where I feel able to share my goals and fears, generally and in relation to pain and movement.

To spend time learning how to modify postures to suit your comfort level and maybe even challenge your perceptions on an individual basis is very effective and gives you a safe environment to make things right for you. Consistency is important with pain so you need to be able to learn how you can do things comfortably one day to the next.

Since starting with Finding yoga I have gone from doing nothing to walking and practicing yoga on a daily basis. Have I had to make modifications – of course. But even recognising that is a success.

I know that Rachael is personally invested in my progress. I love the community that she has created and that I feel welcome in it. I have struggled with finding what’s good for me and I feel like it’s ‘finding yoga’. I encourage you to take what Rachael teaches us and make it part of your life.

(Genessa Mead, May 2014)

“Thanks again for your email and for the session, it did help show me what is possible again and give me a glimpse back into the yoga practice I used to have and how much I valued it.”

(Jamie Van Egmond The Green Scene )

What students say about the yoga for pain program

Thank you Rachael for your passion and dedication for helping people who frustrate other yoga teachers, physics and doctors.

(Rebecca, May 2014)

I really enjoyed the workshop yesterday – I was so relaxed I couldn’t even get my computer to work last night and send this message!! Slept for almost 12 hours and feeling fantastic again today.

It’s a very special gift that you have and sharing with those in need.
Thank you so much.
(Jennifer Manson, May 2014 after Yoga for Pain workshop 1)

“Thank you for the great classes for the last year. I really enjoyed them. Thank you for your support and caring.”

(Pieta Ferraz, 2014)

In the last 18 months I have found Gentle Yoga an absolute lifesaver. Rachael has a very gentle and caring approach and treats everyone as an individual. She also has a very comprehensive knowledge of yoga and is open to new ideas.”

(Maeve McGoohan, 2013)

“I am very glad to have been recommended to Finding Yoga by my physiotherapist.  Thank you for a terrific introduction to yoga. I have enjoyed the Tuesday class and look forward to being part of the group next year. Gentle yoga has become an important part of my overall approach to pain management”

(Felicity Bodycoat, 2012)

“The yoga process gives me freedom in my body – in movement and ease; as well as a sense of peace of mind through concentration/meditation on postures.  But I also find that continued practice has helped me think about my condition differently, without anger and frustration.  It has promoted a sense of love and care of my body and mind. I guess it’s helped me mentally and emotionally to nurture rather than fight, resist or grieve for what I have been going through.  It’s very much a mental as well as physical process for me.”

(Ellie Gilna, 2012)

“I feel really different to how I was when I came in.  I feel whole, together.  Floaty but grounded.  I guess it’s what you call relaxation!”

(Sherryl Hunt, 2011)

Feedback at the Yoga for Pain workshops

“Thank you once again for providing a wonderful time and safe exercise and relaxation.” (Rosemary Spark)

“The most valuable thing for me today was learning to accept what my body is capable of today.” (Ashlin McKenna)

“Very gentle, informative and being able to connect with people facing similar issues. Thanks, Rachael.” (Maja Katanic)

About group courses

“Both presenters are terribly warm, engaging and inspiring. A key message for me is that it is possible to thrive; and that healing involves many facets. I think this will give me the confidence to make changes and settle more into who I am. The two days provided me with strength and a frame of mind to move forward with positivity.” (Kerry Lewis, Kalgoorlie)

“I started the weekend feeling blah and now I feel at peace.” (Kirsty De Grauw)

“Mixing with and meeting others with Fibromyalgia and being able to talk about it was so valuable.” (Maryke Snowden, 2014)

“A key message I’m taking home is to be kind to myself.” (Brindi Johnstone, Fremantle)

“Thorough enjoyed myself and I feel more positive in moving forward. Over the coming months this is going to help me on my bad days. I was extremely worried about being able to get through two days, but I did it! An enjoyable and informative two days.” (Linda Harrison, 2014)


From Jane Muirhead, Occupational Therapist, Director of Easpain and convenor of National Pain Week WA

Rachael volunteered with us to help make the first National Pain Week in WA a great success. As a valued member of the convening team she not only assisted with general event planning, but also convened a highly successful pain research forum with some of WA’s most respected researchers in Pain from Curtin and Notre Dame Universities.  She also delivered a session for the general public on yoga for pain.  

Rachael’s work with researchers before the forum meant that the academics delivered concise presentations in language that was easily accessible for a non-medical audience. Her facilitation on the day was lively, humorous and professional.  The event ran smoothly and feedback was very positive.
The session on yoga for pain was very popular as Rachael draws on a wealth of both professional and personal experience to facilitate yoga in a way that is safe, compassionate and empowering for people with long term pain conditions.    
Rachael continues to run gentle yoga classes for pain in Claremont and I regularly refer people to her sessions as I have absolute faith in her ability to teach yoga for complex health problems. We very much appreciated Rachael’s time and dedication to helping people in pain be better informed about options for their care.

Deb Johnson, ME/CFS Society WA, Centre for Neurological Support says:

Thanks you for your talk on Saturday.  I received some really good feedback: guests found the talk informative and, most of all, uplifting.

From the students at Partenord Habitat, the organisation in Lille who participated in your yoga for workplace stress research project:

“Très bien.  Rachael a adopté les séances à fonction des participants = beaucoup d’écoute de chacun!”

“Amenées en relaxation efficace, attitude motivante, passion pour ce qu’elle fait et cela avec humilité et gentillesse.” (Amaury, Lille)

From readers of What My Body Wants

Thanks again for your knowledge and wisdom. (Hannah, Australian living in North Devon)

I really just want to say thank you for writing this. (Zzrif)

Love the simplicity and truth. (Debbie)

I love it, read it last night and really love it. (Alka)

I really like the way you present your story in easy-to-read pages, intended for that person who feels like they should “just deal with it, too”! I’m glad to hear of your complete recovery. Also interesting to hear you were a civil engineer as that is what I am studying. Keep writing! (Ben.)

Lynda, on Yoga en francais

An enjoyable and beneficial yoga class. Rachael is a competent and caring yoga teacher and speaks fluent French.