Western medicine and me

Western medicine and me

A few days ago I met a doctor who had trained not only in Western medicine but in Ayurveda as well.   We talked about the beauty of Western medicine and how much she loves the science behind it.  We also discussed its limitations.

It was a positive coincidence to meet this woman forging her own approach to medicine, just as I was about to release What My Body Wants, a book about finding your own path to good health and well-being.  What My Body Want was inspired by my experience with something that is often called Chronic Fatigue or Fibroymalgia.  These labels describe a complex set of mental and physical symptoms that have no singly identifiable cause.  As such, they can’t be treated in the approach typically taken by conventional medicine.

Over a period of six years I managed to go from being so tired that I couldn’t get out of bed, to being strong enough to lift a woman over my head.  (That was when I ran away to the circus at age 30 and is a story for another day.)  I had originally wanted to share the tale of how I recovered from Chronic Fatigue but I met so many people suffering from similar symptoms that I realised my story was pertinent to a much wider audience.

When you are run down, stressed or simply feel like your body isn’t as well as it could be, it doesn’t always seem appropriate to visit the doctor.  In many cases they can’t really help.  I did receive a lot of medical advice to get me out of my exhaustion, but a lot of the path was of my own making.  I had to learn about my body, I had to learn to listen to what it needed and I had to find my own limits for what I was prepared to do to get better.

When we merge the logic of Western medicine with the art of knowing our Self, we create a beautiful space for finding the most appropriate way forward.  I decided to write about the simple yet powerful lessons that allowed me to find that space.

What My Body Wants is a beginners’ guide to the first steps towards regaining responsibility for your own self-care.  If you are tired and can’t quite work out why; if you feel you’re not your usually sparkly self; or know someone who is rundown; then this might be the book for you.  The first part is available here for you to read.  The rest will be released over the next few weeks.

Be well.

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