What My Body Wants at Christmas

What My Body Wants at Christmas

My Mum has been on a diet since January, when she discovered her cholesterol was high. She cut back on the cheese, discovered sprouts, and goes to the beach for a swim and a walk several times a week.  She looks great.

It was time to check the cholesterol again this month.  After a recent, very indulgent trip to Bali Mum was understandably a little unsure of what the results would show.

“Shall I tell you now or do you want to wait until after Christmas?” asked the nurse when she called with the news.  Clearly Mum’s cholesterol was a little higher than they both would have been liked but the nurse gave my Mum the option to enjoy Christmas without the worry.

For the same reason I was going to wait until The New Year to publish part three of What My Body Wants.  It’s all about what you eat and how you use your body.  Even if Christmas isn’t your thing, if you live in a country that’s on holidays it’s almost impossible not to be seduced by a bit of time out and some good old soul eating.  Who wants the guilt of diet and exercise during the festive season?!

Two days before December 25 and I have changed my mind.  Firstly because I think starting a health kick on January 1 (or January 2, depending on how your NYE was) is so hard it’s almost not worth doing.

And secondly, because there is so much glorious food available at Christmas that there is a beauty in being able to enjoy every mouthful.  When did you last take a couple of days out to sit still and eat?  How does it FEEL?

So have a read of part three.  Learn a bit about your body and reflect on how you’ve been eating and acting the last year.  Take it as seriously as you wish.

And for this week, use it as inspiration to enjoy every mouthful of Christmas cake, turkey or vegan shortbread that comes your way.  Eat and give with awareness and notice what happens.

Happy holidays!

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