Yoga, Fibromyalgia and Pink Floyd – Jill’s story

Yoga, Fibromyalgia and Pink Floyd – Jill’s story

Yoga Fibromyalgia and Music - Jill's storyJill had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia after a series of stressful events.  She saw an opportunity to make big changes in her life, to focus on her wellbeing and pursue a new career as a marriage celebrant.

Inspired by a Finding Yoga video about yoga for Fibromyalgia, Jill wanted to add yoga to her multi-disciplinary approach to wellness to help her exercise without pain, get fit and support her journey into new territory.

Tailoring yoga for trauma
Yoga can help those who have experienced stress and trauma to calm their nervous system, reconnect with their body and find focus.

But disassociation from the body, common after trauma, can mean they are easily fatigued or in pain, even by gentle beginners classes.

“One hour of gardening at the weekend gives me pain all over for the next couple of days”.

Jill and I wanted to help her body build strength at the right pace and give her the energy for the things that were most important to her.

Yoga supports what we want in life
Over two months and four private sessions, Jill learnt the process for moving effortlessly, building strength and challenging her self.

“It’s good to be aware of the body” she said after her first session. “The pain has lessened in my legs from these gentle movements.”

We also discussed her hopes for wellness and how a yoga practice could best support that.  At Jill’s third session she said she could feel she was getting fitter and had more energy.

“I’m feeling motivated to go to work, to have energy to meet clients and visit potential venues.  Yoga can support me in this by helping me relax, find strength, and give focus and clarity about my direction.”

Pink Floyd the perfect yoga backing track
Jill is a successful musician but hadn’t been able to connect with music as much while she had been ill. I suggested she devise her own yoga sequence to a music track of her choice.

In her final session with me, Jill played Pink Floyd on her iPhone while demonstrating a beautiful flowing compilation of all the postures we had worked on previously. She said her goal was to get up every day to do this practice, adding in more movement as she was ready.

Yoga honours who we are becoming
When someone with Fibromyalgia learns the fundamentals of yoga, they can add their own touch to devise a practice that is a creative expression of themselves.  In the length of one Pink Floyd track, there is time for the person who has been through trauma to build body awareness and strength; find calmness and focus; and practice being the person they are already becoming.

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