Yoga, effortlessness and work: a new What My Body Wants project

Yoga, effortlessness and work: a new What My Body Wants project

I’m really pleased to tell you that the first real-life project for What My Body Wants began this week.  I’ll be working with Partenord Habitat, an organisation that provides housing and social housing in the north of France, on health at work.

The project is part of a really exciting course I’m studying at the University of Lille: Un Diplome d’Universitaire – Education Yoguique (Yogic Education).   It’s the first time this Diplome has run and it covers both the western sciences of physiology and neuropsychology and the eastern philosophy and practices of yoga in all its forms.  The intention is to apply yoga in a modern context of education for health in a way that makes sense to the way we work and think in the west.

The focus for the project with Partenord Habitat is stress management.  We’ll be doing yoga postures, relaxation techniques and various meditations, not only to relax the body and stretch out after a hard day at work, but to recognise the signs of physical and mental stress before they even appear.

Body awareness, experimenting with effortlessness and exploring empathy: just some of the possibilities a yogic approach offers to help create workplaces with healthy, happy people.

If you’d like to know more about using a yogic approach for health, either for yourself or in your workplace, please get in touch.


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