Yoga and fibromyalgia: Kristy’s story

Yoga and fibromyalgia: Kristy’s story

Like many people diagnosed with fibromyalgia, Kristy had arrived at a point where she felt ready to get back into many of the things she’d been unable to do previously, like enjoying time with her toddler and doing more around the house.

Kristy joined the 12-week Yoga for Pain program and found that her practice had a positive effect on her whole family, which gave her more energy to be an even better mother.

It’s okay for mothers to take time out for themselves

Mums with fibromyalgia often feel guilty when they can’t do all the domestic and social duties they think they should.

Kristy knew that time for herself was important but wanted some help to work out how to best do it. She hoped yoga would help not only with the physical symptoms of pain, but to understand herself better.

Make it easy to start new habits

We designed a home yoga practice for Kristy to help her make a daily habit of mindful movement and meditation.

“I came home after the workshop and couldn’t stop telling my in-laws and hubby about how good the session was,” she said.

When her husband went to the hardware store for canvas to make her a yoga strap, Kristy suddenly realised her family supported her in taking time for herself to be well.

Caring for yourself lets others in

Kristy’s daily home practice became infectious. Her two year old joins in, and after yoga they enjoy each other’s company drinking tea in the window seat of their home.

“With so much anxiety surrounding what was wrong with me for so long, I hadn’t realised that I have been a successful mother for almost two years, and an even better wife for 13 years. I had never given myself the credit I deserved.”

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