First introduction to Yoga for Fibromyalgia on the east coast

First introduction to Yoga for Fibromyalgia on the east coast

This week we ran the first Introduction to Yoga for Fibromyalgia on the east coast, marking the beginning of the rollout of Yoga for Pain around the country.

The workshop in Glen Waverley, Melbourne, was run in conjunction with local yoga teacher Peggy Hailstone, who has written extensively about her experience with yoga and Fibromyalgia. It was a chance to see how the learning format of the Yoga for Pain program that has been running in Western Australia for three years could be adapted to suit the needs of different communities.

The group included women diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and yoga teachers keen to learn effective methods for bringing yoga to those experiencing chronic fatigue and discomfort.  As well as a specially modified Hatha yoga practice the session included:

  • Why it’s important to teach differently for this client group
  • Research into yoga and Fibromyalgia
  • An overview of chronic pain and the stress response
  • Key guidelines for effective teaching and practice, including how to consider the client’s mental, emotional and physical wellbeing in class design
  • Case studies from the Yoga for Pain program

Participants in the two-hour session told us that what they found most valuable was feeling understood, more confident, and experiencing hope.  They also appreciated the practical tools we’ve given them; requested a regular class in their area; and were keen to explore options for flexible learning. We are really excited to see the potential for tailored yoga programs to enhance student learning, and to help teachers meet the changing needs of the population.

For information about running an introduction to Yoga for Pain in your area, please get in touch.  We offer teacher and student mentoring so that you can get a class up and running as soon as possible. Yoga for Pain online is also available for those who would like to start at their own pace and from the comfort of their home.

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