Yoga for Pain Online

Yoga for Pain Online

Do you experience persistent pain, fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue but live outside of Perth? Yoga for Pain Online is perfect for those who live outside of Western Australia, or wish to complete the program in their own time and in a location convenient to them. Through recordings, one-to-one coaching sessions by Skype and a series of reflective templates, you’ll learn the foundations for practicing and flourishing with yoga when you experience persistent pain.

Build your body awareness, learn mindful movement and manage stress so that you can rediscover your own sense of wellness.

This has been motivated by requests from many people in regional parts of Australia who don’t have access to services or where the yoga on offer is simply inappropriate for their bodies. It has been inspired by dedicated students who have said “you simply have to sing this from the rooftops”.

Yoga has many benefits for those with Fibromyalgia and persistent pain. But even beginner yoga classes can be too much too soon. Learn how to move in way that soothes the nervous system so that you can build trust in your body and confidence in yourself. Choose one of the options below or book a personal consult by Skype.

 I am really enjoying the lessons and being able to revisit the different recordings multiple times and in different combinations.  I am always amazed at how I will pick up on different things each time I do it….there is so much in there to learn! (Helen, Perth)

Yoga for Pain Part 1 – Foundations 
4 guided meditations + workbook

Yoga for Pain onlineLearn to practice yoga breathing and movement techniques to help you be more comfortable, and to move in a way that also soothes your nervous system.

Enjoy four, simple audio lessons 10 to 25 minutes in length. On their own they are relaxing, grounding guided meditations. Combined they form the fundamentals for moving comfortably, effortlessly and mindfully.

All you need is a quiet room and a place to lie down.  Supported by a 25-page course manual with background on yoga theory and how to practice yoga when you suffer persistent pain, you will receive:
Lesson 1: Exploring tension and relaxation guided meditation
Lesson 2: Breath awareness guided relaxation
Lesson 3: Cultivating body awareness meditation
Lesson 4: Beginning effortless movement meditation
Introduction to Yoga for Pain

Yoga for Pain Part 1 – Gentle yoga at home 
$80 – four, weekly lessons emailed directly to you

Yoga for Pain at homeYou’ll notice the difference if you make your yoga a daily or weekly activity.  Turn the important lessons in ‘Foundations’ into positive habits with four, weekly gentle yoga lesson plans delivered via email to do at the most convenient time.  Each lesson gradually builds your understanding of yoga, your mobility and strength.

In each lesson you will enjoy:

  • Written lesson plan of yoga asana (postures) to practice in your own time, with suggestions for adaptations for specific to your body
  • Audio lesson (this is best for people in pain as it helps you learn to listen to your body)
  • Guided relaxation

Plus receive:
Lesson 5: Grounding and finding stability (mp3 podcast)
The Finding Yoga Essential Meditation: moving effortlessly

Order “Gentle Yoga at home”

Yoga for Pain Part 1 – Complete 
$97 order both together for a discount

Yoga for Pain – Personal Coaching Package

A Personal Coaching Package provides three personal coaching sessions by Skype to help you develop a regular yoga practice that suits where you are going.

Please get in touch.

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