Yoga for Pain Practitioner Training

Yoga for Pain Practitioner Training

Finding Yoga’s Yoga for Pain Training for health professionals and yoga teachers has evolved into an entire program with options from a few hours to two years. Find out more about Yoga for Pain Training at Yoga for Pain Care Australia.


“The best professional development course I have experienced in a long time. It was so well prepared, full of up to date information, interactive, challenging and stimulating.”
(Kate Morris Alexander Education, Melbourne)

“I learnt how to integrate yoga and neuroscience in a non-threatening and balanced way.  I feel that translating these skills to the classroom will be beneficial on many levels for clients experiencing persistent pain.”
(Alana Brass, physiotherapist, Canberra)

The Yoga for Pain Practioner Training confirmed for me that yoga does work for pain. We looked at reseach that showed significant improvements in many health outcomes such as reduced pain, improved pain coping skills and quality of life. I reflected on the experience of delivering yoga classes for clients with long term health conditions, including chronic pain and the benefits they reported.
(Maree Chambers, community nurse and yoga teacher, Melbourne)

“One of the most valuable things for me was understanding the importance of inquiry and setting outcome goals to provide focus and direction, as well as a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction for myself and my clients.”
(Jane Leslie, physiotherapist at Wisdom Physiotherapy and Yoga for Arthritis teacher, Perth)



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