5 ways to reclaim your yoga practice when you’re lost

5 ways to reclaim your yoga practice when you’re lost

5 ways to reclaim your yoga practiceBecause of sickness, a sprained wrist and various other excuses my yoga practice dropped off over a couple of weeks. My brain wrestled over and over with the question of what yoga means to me. My brain helpfully suggested I sign up to a workshop in May, a retreat in October or some kind of intensive thing to re-understand my relationship with my practice.

On Tuesday I unrolled my yoga mat and began to practice. I knew immediately why I practice.  Once I began to practice again I recognised intimately my relationship with yoga.

You cannot analyse your relationship with yoga from the outside. 

Like many people in Australia and western countries, my yoga practice is a physical one. Its form and intensity changes over time – with the influences of age and life events, and it has allowed me to learn other paths of yoga that enrich my practice. Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of devotion, and Jnana Yoga, wisdom yoga, are teaching me to be a kinder, more compassionate person.

But my way in has always been through the physical practice. If I don’t do my physical practice and I lose my way with loving kindness (maitri), karuna (compassion) or clear-thinking, no amount of brain-work can tell my why I want to do yoga.

I cannot analyse my relationship with yoga from the outside. 

I just have to do it.

If you ever find yourself lost and in need of reclaiming your practice, here are five ways I have learnt to do it:

1. Unroll your yoga mat, lie down and practice.
2. Stand still, breathe, and practice.
3. Place your palms together in front of your heart. Bow your head and practice.
4. Take the garbage out and practice.
5. Practice.

Your relationship with yoga is the practice.

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